Telegram removed SIM or eSIM card among the requirements to create account in messenger. Before, just like WhatsApp, accessing the app required a chip and a phone number🇧🇷 Also, the app adds extra privacy options.

The termination of the mandatory SIM card was announced by Telegram this Tuesday (6). Even anyone without a phone number will be able to create a messaging app account.

The application joined the Fragment because it still needs to validate the transaction. With the SIM-free number purchasing platform, users can create a private, anonymous and unique number.

security features

Telegram also brought with it the expansion of the platform’s security features. One of the news option to set a timer for a chat to be deleted after a specified time. Old chats can be added.

Those in large groups will find the 2.0 update in their threads. This gives the chat a forum-like feel. There is also “Aggressive Anti-Spam” which deals with spam to protect users in groups with more than 200 members.

Source: Tec Mundo

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