Accurately at the beginning of the Game Awards ceremony in the App Store and Google Play, the game suddenly came out Vampire Survivors – read, the already legendary and completely out of nowhere indie hit that took the PC charts by storm at the end of this summer.

In short, Vampire Survivors looks like an old one Crimsonland, only it does not need to aim anywhere. The character attacks himself, and you dodge attacks and captures, what weapons and perks you take along the way.

Target – last 30 minutes.

You won’t get it right away. Losing is not terrible: with each attempt, you gradually pump over the “survivability” and the strength of all available qualities. One culminates in the other, and you’re already discovering levels of leveling up, character by character, and then new personal bests start for the duration of each, but also for overall damage.


It’s very hard to understand objectively describe why Vampire Survivors is so inherited, but the fact remains that it is some kind of emotional drug that unrealistic to come off.

Mikk Sid wrote in detail about the game, which I successfully “hooked up”. In general, I “hooked” a lot of people on it. Everyone was very unhappy, because they “sowed” there 30-50 hours. But everyone liked it.

Version for mobile devices absolutely free, the same implementation in terms of functionality and gameplay as the PC release and has no in-game purchase. But there is advertising here, which is impossible. Such is the monetization.

I advise you to try the person who missed or ignored the terrible game of the past year:

▪ Download Vampire Survivors from App Store: is free

▪ Download Vampire Survivors from Google games: is free

PS There is a complete Russian infection, if anything.

Source: Iphones RU

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