HE What’s up? recently started implementing a major design change on its mobile app and web. Now, the platform shows: profile picture of the person in conversationsmakes it easy to identify users in group conversations.

The change is subtle, but can be quite helpful to help identify users in application talkgroupsIt currently accepts over a thousand members. The innovation, which has been introduced gradually, already appears on mobile phones and also in the PC version.

Profile pictures appear in the left corner next to the message bubble that includes the name as well as the content the person posted.

WhatsApp news

In addition to the improved design, WhatsApp is also bringing other improvements to the app this holiday season. In Brazil, for example, the platform can now be used to call an Uber.

Recently, the team behind the app has released another function, keeping in mind the users’ convenience: a tool that makes it easy to send messages to yourself.

Source: Tec Mundo

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