The use of malicious apps to steal information from us has become more and more common. With the discussion about spying on Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and other members via Pegasus, it’s clear that whatever the purpose is, it’s an excellent way to spy on us. And today we want to talk to you Emotet, the world’s most dangerous malware and growing at an alarming rate, according to Europol.

Looking at the latest Emotet report by Malwarebytes, it’s clear that it’s not just malware, it’s also the most dangerous. Worst of all, its growth is exponential.

As noted “The Emotet banking Trojan was first identified by security researchers in 2014. Emotet was originally designed as banking malware trying to sneak into your computer and steal sensitive and private information. Spam and malware distribution services, including other banking Trojans, have been added to later versions of the software.” And this spyware is more active than ever, so you have to be very careful if you want to avoid further damage.

Emotet activity has not stopped growing

For a start, Data has been recorded showing that the effectiveness of this malware has tripled in recent months. In this way, in the corresponding period between February and March of this year, it is clear that the growth of this threat has increased exponentially, from 2,843 cases of this virus being detected to 9,086 cases.

First, This malware was removed last year, but Emotet, formerly known as Trickbot, looks stronger than ever. Of course, the way it works does not change at all: it tries to infect as many computers as possible through a spam campaign.

Moreover, When the victim downloads the malicious file from the email manager, it will start sending messages to all their contacts. to make the phishing campaign as successful as possible.

On the other hand, Emotet has a very interesting hiding methodsince it is hidden in Excel documents and other Office suite formats to download all files from our computer via a macro. This way, the infection reaches via email and then infects more computers. And be careful, it can attack any web browser to steal saved passwords, mobile phones… Options are not missing for this dangerous malware.

Is there a solution to this virus? The truth is that the best thing you can do right now is to run your computer’s antivirus to check if Emotet has reached your computer. In this case, change all passwords as soon as possible through an infected computer, as this malware will not hesitate to empty your bank accounts.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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