Advances in technology are bringing more and more practical tools and devices into our daily lives. An example of this is Kindle, Amazon’s eReader. facilitate the user experience in reading🇧🇷

If you have or want to learn to read and value practicality and the digital experience, the Kindle is a great alternative. In addition to having access to a large collection of works, genres, and authors, the Kindle is affordable, easy to use, and an evolution in book consumption.

Currently Amazon has some Kindle options with 2 options and other older models released in 2022. Kindle 10th GenConsidering its features and the most affordable price.

With so many options and news launched by Amazon, Is Kindle 10th Gen still worth buying?🇧🇷 Find out if the model is worth the investment:

Kindle 10th Gen: King of Value

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A device created specifically for those who love to read. The 10th generation Kindle comes with an anti-glare display and built-in lighting for reading anywhere, anytime.

449.00 BRL

The Kindle 10th Generation is currently Amazon’s most affordable eReader. The model, which was released in 2019, has a 6-inch screen. anti-glare, adjustable recessed lighting, long battery life — takes up to four weeks — and supports documents in other formats such as PDF and MOBI.

Also, the model is still font setting, marking in sections and 8 GB memory – Enough for more than a thousand books in MOBI format – allows the user to have a real library in hand.

with someone high speed download featureThe 10th Gen Kindle allows direct download of books from the device as well as free samples that can be viewed before making a purchase decision.

Despite its many features, the Kindle 10th Gen is not waterproof and offers a slightly heavier 174 grams, but at only 167 ppi, a lower resolution than the next generation.

Kindle 11th Gen: Better Resolution and More Capacity

Image: Kindle 11th Gen
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

A device created specifically for those who love to read. The 11th Gen Kindle is lighter and more compact with a high resolution 300 ppi screen and anti-glare screen.

Like the predecessor in the series, the Kindle 11th Gen, released in 2022, has excellent battery capacity and, on a single charge, can: achieve six weeks of use🇧🇷 Other resources such as spacing and margin between lines with the possibility to change the font size and type are also preserved.

to count Much sharper resolution with 300 ppi and 16 GB storage capacity — twice as much as its predecessor — the eReader is even lighter and has the function of inverting the black and white of the screen.

Unlike the Kindle 10th Generation, which has a common USB port, the new Kindle’s USB-C connector adds to its practicality by allowing the user to use the smartphone’s own cable to charge the device.

After all, is it still worth getting the Kindle 10th Generation?

Buying the Kindle 10th Generation in 2022 might be a good option if you find it on promotion in the range of: 319.00 BRL🇧🇷 However, if you are considering getting your first digital book reader, it may not be worth investing in this model because Kindle 11. 474.00 BRL in sight – little difference with respect to the 10th generation reaching 449.00 BRL outside the promotional period.

Also, if you’re looking for an affordable eReader with great resolution and good storage, the Kindle 11. 700.00 BRL and 1.500.00 BRL🇧🇷


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