Russians consider the profession of an IT specialist the most promising in 2023, a survey by the service showed. Citizens also mentioned the engineering and medical professions among the most relevant.

The Russians named the most promising professions for 2023

The company conducted a study involving 5,000 users of the service from all over Russia. The majority of respondents (62%) consider that the job in the IT industry is the most in demand. Another 40% mentioned engineering as one of the most relevant professions.

Slightly fewer (38%) believe that the job of a doctor will be the most in demand in the coming year. Another 28% believe that the field of nanotechnology will be promising to build a career. The construction industry also seems relevant to the Russians; 20% of the survey participants consider that work in this sector is in demand.

Work in the direction of junior medical personnel is considered promising by 18% of respondents. Another 17% named the profession of analyst among the relevant ones.

Another 15% of the surveyed users of the service are sure that sales managers will be in demand in 2023. The same number of respondents pointed to the prospects of infectious disease specialists. Another 14% pointed to the relevance of the legal profession. The job of a salesperson is considered promising by 12% of the survey participants, and only 10% named the profession of HR specialist.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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