Researchers from the Berkeley Navigator (USA) are measuring an alloy of metals that claims to be the world’s most advanced metal alloy. In the cold – cold weather conditions, at a temperature of -253 ° C, in freezing conditions. Under such conditions, most of the metals come from minor metals, but this alloy did not show unusual results.

The alloy structure of the ultimate prostate is a combination of chromium, nickel and cobalt (CrCoNi). The trick is that all chemical elements appear in significant quantities, and not in the form of impurities, as is customary. As a result, the incredible properties of natural resources – for example, its stability in s s s s m. For comparison, this indicator for aviation aluminum is only 35, for the best steels – up to 100.

Microscopy has shown that the inhomogeneous atomic structure of the alloy has the property of “self-organization”, under the action it is deformed and the crystals in the lattice change their shape. A meaningful kiche structure takes the form of a hexagonal one, which allows you to effectively sort the work. The greater the pressure, the stronger the material becomes.

The main property of the novelty is that it is ideal for creating structures in cold space. And also on other planets, for example, in the cold atmosphere of Mars or on the Moon, as the basis for habitation colonists.

Source: Tech Cult

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