When? Shorts a YouTube They were not very successful, but gradually the position of the company penetrates among users. And that’s why there’s now a huge amount of content that grabs attention. If you want download We will tell you how you can get any of the options available on the platform, easily and without paying a penny.

And the latter is important because there are plenty of apps that allow you to do this, but those that offer adequate quality get paid. In addition, the option that we will discuss ShortsRookiedoes not need a specific operating system to run. This is because we are talking about a web client that you can use in all applications. browsers Which currently exists, such as Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge. And among other virtues, it’s free and we’ll show you how to use it.

This is how you can download free YouTube Shorts

this simplicity This is the predominant note in the whole process as there are several steps you need to take to get the desired Short on your device, whether it’s a computer or a computer. Without further ado, we leave it clear to you what you need to do, even though the website in question has not been translated (but language dependency is minimal).

  • The first thing is to open the Short video you want to download on YouTube, in the app, or on your laptop or desktop. Once you have it in view, you should use the share option.
  • Copy the contents of this option for later use.
  • Now, open the website of the service we are talking about using this link in the browser you usually use.
Website ShortsNoobs

Smart Life
  • At the top of the screen, you will see a text box where you have to paste what you copied in the YouTube sharing action mentioned above. Next, click the red Search button.
  • The web processes the information and shows you the video so you can visually confirm what you want to achieve. If so, click on Download that appears when you use the icon with the vertical three dots in the lower right area of ​​the content we’re talking about.
  • You just have to wait for everything to work and the usual box will appear to choose where to store your download (this may not be necessary if you’ve automated it).

The truth is that the facility is almost Fantastic and best of all, the use of this service costs nothing… which adds to its attractiveness in a very significant way. Be sure to try it on YouTube.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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