The income of Russian bloggers fell by 80% during the year, according to communication agencies. Losing out the most were content creators with a relatively small audience talking about fashion, gaming, and IT.

The income of Russian bloggers fell by 80% in one year

Communication agencies estimated the drop in income of Russian bloggers in 2022 at 80%, Izvestia writes, citing experts.

Experts cite the consequences of sanctions as the main reasons for the decrease in revenue, namely the cessation of foreign advertisers in Russia, the deactivation of monetization on platforms, restrictions on the operation of social networks and difficulties with money transfers between countries.

The maximum drop in revenue was felt by bloggers talking about fashion, video games, IT and those areas where the majority of advertisers were foreigners, said Irina Kobelyatskaya, founder of the LVL UP agency.

In November, the cost of ad integrations for Russian bloggers increased, Vedomosti reported. Content authors with a large audience and celebrities increased the price by 10-20%, bloggers with an average audience by 10%.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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