Hi-Tech.Mail.ru experts analyzed the requests of Russians on the network and rated the strangest questions. At the top are questions about why customers put their smartphone on the scale in the store and strange codes that the police ask to dial.

The rating of the strangest questions of Russians on the network has been compiled.

More than 2.5 million users could not get past a smartphone on the scales in the store, the highest rating was led by the question “Why do buyers in stores put a smartphone on the scales.”

Just as many people are concerned about strange codes the police may ask you to dial.

Over a million hits in the first month of posting prompted a question about whether fridge magnets are safe.

Other household questions about manipulations with foil, sockets and microwaves also appeared at the top of the rating. Each garnered anywhere from 500k to several million user views.

Top 10 Weirdest Questions From Netizens (in descending order of popularity):

  1. Why do shoppers put their smartphone on the scale?
  2. Why do the police ask you to dial *#06# on the phone?
  3. Why you shouldn’t hang fridge magnets
  4. Why put a glass of water in the microwave?
  5. What happens if you plug an outlet into an outlet?
  6. Why do the upstairs neighbors roll metal balls on the floor?
  7. Why cover the router with aluminum foil?
  8. Why do people turn off the router at night?
  9. Why should car keys be wrapped in aluminum foil?
  10. Why are incandescent bulbs wrapped in aluminum foil?


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Source: RB

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