The educational service for children SportZania attracted 33 million rubles of investment with an estimate of 330 million, the company said. The funds were invested by the founder of BBK Andrey Enin, as a result of the transaction he received 10% of the service.

The SportZania children’s educational service attracted 33 million rubles of investments.

SportZania develops playful programs with different scenarios where children can interact with native English speakers and improve their level. All training takes place in children’s camps, where students not only improve their language, but also relax and socialize.

The founder of the service, Igor Pugachev, said that the funds received will be spent on the regional scale and the development of new programs. In addition, it is planned to launch a personal account in which users can follow their progress in learning.

The project started operating in 2020, during which time the founders Sergey Kopeikin and Igor Pugachev invested 16 million rubles of their own funds in its development. The company’s revenue for 2021 is 82 million rubles, and in 2022 it has already exceeded 170 million rubles.

“In two years, we managed to take a leading position among private camps in Russia, and we see that we still have the potential to grow 20-30 times. Attracting investment for us has also become a significant confirmation of the effectiveness of the business and commercial potential in the eyes of investors,” said Sergey Kopeikin.

Earlier, Andrey Enin invested 50 million rubles in the development of Leoni – an early career guidance service for children.

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Source: RB

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