Specialists of the research center, which is known as the St. Petersburg Federal Research Center and is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science, discover a system that allows you to suffer from the spread of blood or any medicines using aerial unmanned vehicles. This is highly likely to deliver blood and samples to hard-to-reach and remote locations.

Created in St. Petersburg FRC, the advanced system includes the most important drone, specially designed software for launching the drone in automatic mode and a calculated route, and is also used to connect to a container with blood samples or medicines.

The carrying capacity of such a UAV is 15 kilograms, and when considering the investigation during the flight, a mount is provided that can seriously extinguish the need to transport a container.

The drone launcher is responsible for plotting the flight path from its takeoff point to its final point of view, taking into account weather conditions and avoiding potentially dangerous areas. For example, in the city, it is necessary to take into account the location of high-rise buildings.

The novelty has already been tested during a training called “Ochag-2022” in May of this year, where a drone with a suspended container covered about two kilometers at a 40-meter height, and the blood patterns transported by it, checked after landing, fully reveal their medical indications indicators.

Source: Tech Cult

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