YouTube’s paid music platform is testing a new functionality with some of its users. Creation of a personalized “radio”🇧🇷 People, “create a radio” button youtube musicIt offers many customization options.

Using the function allows users to select different artists from a table of options, then choose at what level the radio will bring up known or new songs, offering familiar, explored or mixed options.

The organization of the radio includes even more filters to increase personalization, and the person can choose popular music, little-known, lively, calm, etc. Allows you to choose whether you want it or not.

After the installation is complete, the radio works like any other YouTube Music playlist, but the songs are organized automatically. You can add or remove the one you want and it will update itself. However, users report that it is not saved in the app, but can be retrieved through the history of recent activities.

It’s clear that the feature is in a testing phase so it will likely reach more people soon with a way to save the radios you’ve created. However, YouTube has not yet officially spoken about the news.

Source: Tec Mundo

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