Inventive Retail Group, which developed Nike stores in Russia, will launch a service for ordering products from abroad. The brandly domain is registered for this purpose. The service will deliver “first brands” to the Russian Federation, accept Russian cards and guarantee a refund in case of marriage.

Inventive Retail Group will deliver “top-tier brands” to Russia from abroad

The platform will launch in early 2023. First, clothing, shoes, and electronics will be imported. The site already has a front page, Kommersant discovered.

Analysts believe that local sellers of big foreign brands are looking for new opportunities to make money as foreign companies leave the country. The launch of new directions is necessary for the company, IRG’s business was previously based on the representation of large international brands in Russia.

Experts warned that despite IRG’s extensive experience in creating online stores, competition between such services is growing and consumers are still not used to them.

The buyer of the Zara business will launch brands specifically for Russia. It is planned to sell clothing and footwear under new brands. Daher expects to produce part of the new collection at the Russian facilities, which were previously also used by the brands of the Spanish holding company.


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Source: RB

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