Surely more than once you have tried to decipher what a doctor wrote in a report, and all you have clarified is that with encryption of this caliber, inventions like the Enigma machine are not necessary. The truth is, neither active nor passive, you don’t know exactly what he’s saying and you want to know something else. But fortunately, Google comes to the rescue.

To the surprise of many, the Mountain View company has stated that it is developing a new function that can know what almost any doctor is writing… at least as long as they have an honorable letter. Obviously, this would also apply to knowing what people who have it. a calligraphy that should at least be classified as irregular. No doubt a big help to many who were as crazy as the Egyptologists of the time with hieroglyphs.

At least a Google advance that will be useful

The North American firm reported at an event in India that it is working with different parties in the medical and pharmaceutical industry to create a tool that can understand what is written in poorly handwritten text. And even with this new feature name of drugs This will be very well understood so that the time lost in pharmacies to drop what is prescribed will be significantly reduced.

To make using the tool as intuitive as possible, Google LensThis is the function that Mountain Viewers have included in their cell phone cameras. Therefore, it will not be necessary to have a specially created device to use the development. In this way, work will be added to the many options that Lens has, which uses Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects and even translate languages. Undoubtedly, we are talking about a high breakthrough. Benefit.

the tests have already started

As can be seen in the video we left before this paragraph, the company showed how the new tool works, and the truth is, it works pretty well (and surprisingly fast). Obviously there is still some progress to make it fully functional, but Google I/O conference 2023 becomes official and thus the mystery of what the doctors wrote is solved.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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