According to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev, voiced by him yesterday, foreign manufacturers who were engaged in the production of Russian microprocessors “Elbrus” and “Baikal” refuse not only to continue their production, but also to collect already released microchips.

In addition, due to the current situation in Russia, this year about 8,000 servers and about 15,000 computers on the planet were produced on domestic CPUs, which is significantly less than was produced in the expected release of the already released Elbrus and Baikals.

Russia cannot get its

Recall that after the launch of the SVO, as well as observers of semiconductors represented by Baikal Electronics and MCST, as well as Elvis, who were subject to US export sanctions, after which they were added to the SDN list, which was aimed at blocking their assets with a ban on west for any closures. Later, on December 16, a subscription about the application was also signed for these companies.

By the way, even in that report that Baikal Electronics frozen the production and sale of server-based Baikal-S class processors due to the fact that the Taiwanese contract semiconductor manufacturer TSMC concludes new contracts. In addition, the same TSMC, referring to permission, refused to transfer already produced processors to Russia. Baikal-M.

Source: Tech Cult

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