One of the features of iOS 16 was the extended Live Text mode with support for the Russian language. The option allows you to highlight any data in a photo or even video and copy, translate or transfer it to other applications.

Not everyone has found this useful application. The most convenient way to use this feature is to get data from pages of the site that are protected from use, accessible only for viewing documents, or from any applications where text cannot be provided.

I most often use the received method when someone in the correspondence requires the transfer of money to the card, but the interruption number is in the text, and does not receive the message.

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How text from an inaccessible place is observed on the iPhone

one. Turn on your Living text along the way Settings – General – Language and Region – Text Scanner (if you have not enabled this feature before).

2. Open the desired site, document, or conversation with the user.

3. Make screen by keypress Home + Power button (on iPhone with Touch ID) or Side button + volume increase (on iPhone with Face ID).

4. Screen in the application Photo and press the button Living text (in the right corner of the view).

five. Select the desired text and copy it through the context menu.

With this help, you can easily get any data that is displayed on the iPhone display.

Source: Iphones RU

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