Listening to music is the most common action by TikTok users after watching content on the social network.🇧🇷 That’s what brought up a survey by the platform. New ConsumerIt was released last week and shows how the app affects what people do and buy.

According to the survey, 44% of short video app users decide to look for a new song to listen to after viewing a post, a habit that goes beyond preparing food or drink recipes, cited by 35% of respondents. Already 29% said they have a new interest in using the software.

What do people do after watching TikTok?

  1. Listening to music: 44%
  2. Prepare food or drink recipe: 35%
  3. Develop a new interest: 29%
  4. Follow a new brand: 28%
  5. Being a fan of a new artist or band: 28%
  6. Buy an item: 27%
  7. Start using a new expression or term: 22%
  8. Adopt a new outfit or style: 17%
  9. Visit a place in town or nearby: 17%
  10. I did nothing because of a video on TikTok: 16%
  11. Traveling to another city or country: 12%

Following a new brand and being a fan of a particular music artist were also actions influenced by the Chinese app, with 28% of users mentioning each and 27% saying they were motivated to make a purchase. The platform was even effective at learning new words and phrases (22%).

Others Attitudes influenced by TikTok videosAccording to the report, they wear clothes or adhere to a certain fashion (17%), visit nearby places (17%), and travel to other cities or countries (12%). Only 16% of those surveyed said they were not affected by the app in any way.🇧🇷

Reasons to use TikTok

The survey is also the main reasons people use short video app🇧🇷 Most (43%) say they open the platform to seek entertainment, 41% seek funny relaxation situations and 27% want to listen to music.

The research revealed some more interesting data, such as an indication that a significant proportion of users (21%) watch broadcasts while doing other activities such as watching TV and studying. Already 22% said they heard about it through TikTok🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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