Social Blade, the platform that many companies use to track follower engagement on social media, has released a press release. They experienced a breach in their system on Wednesday (14)🇧🇷 However, the car’s custodians assure that no information about the credit cards has been leaked.

However, other data such as email addresses, internet protocols (IPs), password hiding hashes, client IDs, and account authentication tokens were not only obtained by the hacker, but also offered for sale on a forum from the darknet.

In one release, those responsible for the tool – with an estimated monthly audience of seven million visitors – they were reported to have allegedly hacked their user database and tried to sell it on a hacker forum. “Samples have been submitted and we have verified they are genuine,” the statement says.

What are the risks for Social Blade customers whose data has been leaked?

Social Blade explains that personal information has been leaked to customers, many of whom have accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok, and that “a very small subset of the data – about one tenth of a percent – also includes addresses.” . However, the note does not reveal whether these are physical or digital addresses.

As for the integrity of passwords, Social Blade gives users peace of mind as passwords are never stored in plain text, even if the hacker gains access to the hashes. Vulnerability identifiedThe company says it’s “doing additional reviews to make sure all our systems have been tightened to prevent future incidents.”

In the middle of the confusion until the hacker shows up, he said he violated the platform in September, but his intention was only to make a few sales and delete the thread. Pricing data was not disclosed.

Source: Tec Mundo

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