Good Morning! We’ve separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology so you know everything that happened last Thursday (15). Just click on the links below to browse the full story of each news.

1. Henry Cavill Won’t Play Superman in James Gunn’s DCU: ‘Sad’. Actor Henry Cavill, who left The Witcher franchise in 2022, has confirmed that he will no longer be able to play Superman in theaters due to the new DCU created by James Gunn.

2. “Fuck Brazilian banks”: new malware stole thousands of reals. Santander bank customers have become the target of the malware, which has now spread to other banks.

3. Epic Games Store offers 15 games for free! Come and see. To celebrate Christmas, the platform will provide one free game per day at the end of this year; learn how to use the first one!

4. Instagram notes turn into jokes on networks; look at the memes. Many have compared this feature to Twitter and even the late MSN; Check out the user reactions!

5. São Paulo changed the rules of Uber and 99 in the city; see what has changed. Both Uber and other transportation apps will have to abide by the new rules in the capital city of São Paulo.

6. RTX 4090 and more major hardware versions in 2022. From giant graphics cards to Valve’s portable console, 2022 was a plate for those who needed a good dose of technology; payment.

7. Dell launches “indestructible” Latitude tablet in Brazil; meet. The Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme is a ruggedly designed tablet; Check more details about the model.

8. The US hypersonic missile has completed its 1st full operational test. The successful launch of the new hypersonic missile AGM-183A puts the USA in the club of countries already using the technology.

9. The Sex Life of College Girls has been renewed for season 3 by HBO. Season two premiered on the air in November and ends today.

10. What was the fate of thousands of D-Day corpses? More than 30,000 Allied soldiers died on the beaches four days after the invasion of Normandy. What was done with them?

Source: Tec Mundo

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