It’s common for some smartphone manufacturers to almost exaggerate with some Technical specificationsand according to what emerged, Huawei is currently in the situation where its new Mate 50 will be able to talk about their screens, regarding all 4 models of the series.

We are dealing with the Kulun Glasswhich apparently, according to the tests carried out, is able to provide protection simply by heart, with the company, among other things, looking to replace the old device glasses with new technology.

Let’s talk about scratch-resistant glass and hard to break with falls and not suns, to the point that it is possible to break nuts with your smartphones without any kind of damage or cuts on the screen, a result that is certainly impressive. Of course, we don’t find any problems with scrolling either.

Impacts are therefore apparently not a problem with the new Kulun glass, made with 24 hours high temperatures108 microcrystalline raw materials and various procedures, along with a 1600 degree melting process of precious metals, certainly not an easy procedure, but it pays off.

Source: Lega Nerd

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