This emoji They have become a great addition to provide additional information in text messages sent in apps used on mobile devices. They can express themselves with them. emotions and moods, something that may be necessary most of the time. We tell you how to change or improve what you use on your phone or tablet. Android.

By default, those used on these devices are those provided by. Google The Unicode function that processes them with updates after approval. Therefore, you rely almost entirely on this company, because along the way it decides which ones will disappear and which new ones will arrive (always talking about Android). Of course, there are some manufacturers that include a little more in their individual customizations. But maybe these not enough for you. Fortunately, it is possible for you to take action so that everything is exactly as you want it to be.

How to use more emojis on Android devices?

The easiest way to achieve this without having to unprotect (root) your equipment is to have what multiple devices offer. Apps which allows the installation of additional emoji packs. Some, like WhatsApp, are well-known, but what we recommend using is Gboard, a free development with wide compatibility created by Google itself.

Emojis on the computer screen


This work, among other things, ensures that new emojis are available on Android long before they reach the operating system itself, and it has the advantage of being an existing keyboard. for all apps running on phones and tablets. Therefore, you will always be able to use the news or packages in a simple and practically harmless way.

The aforementioned are undoubtedly more than enough reasons to choose Gboard for Android, but there are more options that make it a great option, such as being used in conjunction with other work that expands its usability possibilities.

Another possibility for emojis to consider

It works perfectly with the aforementioned Google app. With it, you can create custom stickers that you can use with Gboard for Android and even combine several emojis have new options that are differential and unique. Moreover, it is very simple to use because it has a button that allows you to transfer everything you do directly to the keyboard of the company Mountain View (with an embed code). Without a doubt, this link is an excellent possibility – it is a completely free website – for you to not give up trying.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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