This artificial intelligence can remove image watermarks and it’s free

artificial intelligence This is the topic for now. While the focus is on tools like ChatGPT or Midjourney, there is another one that can be an ally for those downloading images from the web. Watermarkremover en new service lives up to its name, promises remove watermark from any photo or illustration.

Network captured creative blockis every copyright expert’s nightmare. Using an artificial intelligence algorithm, Watermarkremover is able to remove the watermark from stock images from the most popular services. Its operation is relatively simple and requires you to upload an image to your website in order to complete the process and upload it. clean.

According to the official description, the first step is to predict the location of the watermark on the image. Later, he separates his colors from the background and performs a reconstruction in the place where he was originally. The service offers support for multi-colored or differently designed labels and promises to preserve the original image quality.

From a practical AI standpoint, Watermarkremover works just like apps that remove objects or the background from an image. algorithm detects, separates and reconstructs photography. The end result will depend on the model, although in favor of its creators, the service is free. This means that you can constantly develop and learn until you achieve the perfect image.

The point where this tool trying to differentiate itself from the rest in user experience. It’s simple, free, and doesn’t require you to download an additional app. It is legal? Well, this is another important topic that we will cover later. In short, no, it’s not.

How to remove watermark from photos for free using artificial intelligence

If you have uploaded a photo with a watermark, you can use Photoshop (or another image editor), a special application, or this service. If you choose the latter, you only need to login to the website watermark remover and click the “Upload Image” button to start the process. The tool supports files in .png, .jpg, .jpeg and .webp formats with maximum resolution 2400 x 2400 pixels and 25 MB.

To avoid problems with copyrighted images, we embed some watermarks on photos for free use under license Hide. The algorithm was able to exclude those who had typical characteristics, as text with less opacity. When inserting symbols or lines, the model gives mixed results.

FROM watermarks similar to Gettyend result is bad. The algorithm cannot remove the text block and integrates it into the background. Similarly, suppress other elements with similar colors and even symbols. The promise of preserving image quality is gone as AI modifies it outside of the original protection, as in the example below.

Finally a photo with different watermarks gives mixed results. Main, in the center of the image and similar to Shutterstock, disappears and takes away the details of the photo. The text on the edges is not removed and leaves traces, so the model is not yet able to cope with this type of protection.

After using Watermarkremover on multiple images, results range from fair to poor. Photoshop Smart Fill removes watermark more accuratelyalthough in some cases it takes time and does it by zone (added to the cost of the application).

Watermark Removal May Be Illegal

the watermark is a defense mechanism used by content creators or image banks such as Getty or Shutterstock indicate that the photo is copyrighted. Removing it by artificial intelligence with Watermarkremover or Photoshop’s smart fill tool is not allowed. Shutterstock’s terms of use state that it is forbidden to remove the watermark or copyright notice in the content.

While Watermarkremover justifies that a watermark “ruins the aesthetics of images” and explains why its service is an alternative to clean removal of them, it washes its hands of it and establishes thate is the responsibility of the person to use the tool.

Considering the freedom to remove watermarks at their own discretion, we suggest that users do not remove watermarks from images for commercial use or remove watermarks from copyrighted images. Users of this application are solely responsible for any claims, damages, costs, expenses, demands, etc. made by any third party in relation to the use of the received watermarked images. You must obtain the consent or approval of the original owner of the image before using the removed watermarked images for any commercial use.

What is the best alternative then? Do not use watermarked images. Whether you need photography for personal or commercial projects, there are options such as Hide, pixabay or other image banks. Always be sure to read the user license before downloading it.

Source: Hiper Textual

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