Odnoklassniki introduced an update to the content platform, the presentation of which is scheduled for 2023. First of all, the changes will affect the display of content in the mobile application: the feed will become full screen, the profile will be displayed in a new way.

Full screen feed, new profile: Odnoklassniki introduced an update to the content platform

The press service of the company spoke about the imminent update of the content platform in Odnoklassniki.

Custom the feed will be full screen. All types of content (photo, video, text) will be displayed borderless in a “one screen, one post” format. The changes are already being tested in various Odnoklassniki mobile services and applications.

Comments in the mobile application will be displayed right on the treadmill – the user will not need to go to a separate screen. In addition, a reaction option will be added to the comments, while it will only be possible to put “class”.

Profile the user will receive new design. First of all, it will show photos, videos and posts from the owner of the page. The main profile page will also be updated: it will only display basic information about the user, and it will also be possible to write a text status for the page.

In “Odnoklassniki” will appear “photo show”where users can edit, collect into albums and post photos without leaving a single section.

The social network will present author rating, which will allow them to gauge user reaction to their content. Audience attitudes are ranked based on four metrics: group activity, approval, engagement, and diversity. The grade will be calculated weekly.

Odnoklassniki plans to introduce all these updates during 2023.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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