Roskosmos expects losses to increase to 50 billion rubles in 2022, advertisers have increased investments in promotion on Telegram channels and other events on December 21, in the summary of RB.RU.

The growth of Roskosmos losses, Raiffeisenbank’s commission for payment services: the main thing December 21


  • The State Duma approved the bill on biometric data in the third reading. The document prohibits storing genomic information and denying services to those citizens who are not prepared to provide their biometric data.
  • There will be no presidential address to the Federal Assembly in 2022, Kommersant learned. The Russian President’s administration hopes to postpone the event until next year, until the situation in the war zone in Ukraine is clarified.
  • Federation Council Chairman Valentina Matvienko criticized the idea of ​​banning remote work from abroad for representatives of certain specialties. Instead, she proposed limiting remote work from abroad to employees of companies with access to personal data.


  • Raiffeisenbank introduced a 0.5% commission for transfers to payment services Golden Crown, Unistream, Contact and Universal Bank. The new rate went into effect on December 19.


  • The service for accepting Russian and foreign payments Platim closed the third round of investments for 23.4 million rubles. The startup’s valuation was $2.55 million.

  • Russian telemedicine software developer MVS attracted 325 million rubles from Kama Flow. The funds will be used to expand business abroad, create new products and build production capabilities.
  • The Ministry of Finance forced companies from “enemy” countries to sell assets in Russia, either with a voluntary contribution to the budget or with the provision of an installment payment plan to the buyer for up to two years.
  • Microsoft is going to buy Netflix, the largest online movie theater, reports Reuters. The deal is valued at $190 billion and is scheduled to be announced in 2023.

  • Players went to court to demand that the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard be banned; the US antitrust regulator did the same before. Players and antitrust alike are confident the deal will disrupt competition in the video game market.
  • Twitter employees fired by Elon Musk have sued the company. Approximately 100 people filed lawsuits – complaints related to gender discrimination, non-compliance with legal norms in dismissal and partiality in the choice of those who are dismissed.
  • Inventive Retail Group, the operator of the Street Beat, re:Store and several other retail chains, announced the launch of a new multi-brand retail project, Hiker.

  • The ministries are discussing an increase in tariffs on the importation of beer into Russia from “enemy” countries, which include members of the EU, the US, Britain, Japan and Australia. This should support local producers, but would have a negative impact on shops and restaurants.
  • Advertisers have increased investments in promotion on Telegram channels against the background of the withdrawal of foreign platforms from Russia. Global investment growth could be up to 200%.
  • Roskosmos expects losses to grow by 60% in 2022, to 50 billion rubles. This was stated by the general director of the state corporation Yuri Borisov.
  • Nestlé Corporation will close the stores of the maker of coffee capsules and Nespresso coffee machines in Russia.


  • The cost of the “Moskvich 3” crossover starts from 1.97 million rubles, the manufacturer said. By the end of the year, the model will appear in 11 distribution centers in Moscow.


  • The majority of Russian mobile applications (83%) contain high and maximum criticality vulnerabilities. The most vulnerable categories were “finance”, “utilities” and “entertainment”.
  • Russia’s withdrawal of telecommunications equipment makers Nokia and Ericsson will lead to a deterioration in the quality of mobile communications, sources told Reuters. The level of coverage of the country by the network may regress to the state of the 1990s.


  • Artificial intelligence independently selected, evaluated and “sold” 50 apartments in Dubai in a month. The online property reservation service for investors launched Realiste in November. The company is dedicated to the analysis of the real estate market using artificial intelligence.

  • Odnoklassniki introduced an update to the content platform, the presentation of which is scheduled for 2023. First of all, the changes will affect the display of content in the mobile application: the feed will become full screen, the profile will be displayed in a new way.
  • MacBook will be assembled in Vietnam. Apple will move part of its production there from China. The corporation has already partially transferred iPhone assembly from China to India to diversify the production process.


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