Stelfi in the Egyptian pyramid Building Egypt

Are you still convinced that time travel is a waste of time? Pictures that appear in the accounts of one of the users of social networks speak of prom. On them, he flaunts against the background of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, then poses against the backdrop of the Trojan horse. In fact, artificial intelligence technologies are behind all the countless pictures.

The author of the photos is not an artist with the nickname Stelfie. It uses an AI image generator by applying the Stable Diffusion framework. Due to the fine tuning algorithm, he managed to create a fictional, rather than extremely photorealistic character. It can be inserted into a variety of “handmade” photos taken in various historical periods. The possibilities of such acceptance, use, are endless.

Stelfi Time Traveler
Stelfi Time Traveler

The key component of the technology is the Stable Diffusion image synthesis system. She forms fictional scenes, operating in the text with “hints”. In such scenes, you can insert any object or character. Accordingly, there is not a single phenomenon for cases associated with the occurrence of real events in a person. I don’t doubt it, it’s a smooth game – it’s a very realistic cartoon that doesn’t have three faces.

Stelfi Time TravelerStelfi and Trojan s

Stelfi Time Traveler

Source: Tech Cult

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