Alex Morales filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in the Southern District of New York. He accuses the company of racial bias due to the fact that the Apple Watch measures the level of oxygen in the blood.

The lawsuit alleges that the Apple Watch measures the oxygen in the blood of black people, which is effectively a scam because the feature does not work properly.

For a long time, there are indications that such cases are significantly less accurate in measuring blood oxygen levels depending on skin color. The real value of this predictability is without regard to the incidence of pneumonia, which coincided with a more pronounced awareness of the structural racism that exists in many aspects of society.

It says in the lawsuit

A moral study mentions something (without citations or other data) that confirmed the racial bias of pulse oximetry. As a result of incorrect changes, black people are at increased risk of hypoxemia.

Also accuses Apple of breach of warranty, fraud and unreasonable promotion. He wants Apple to pay back illegally earned profits and for a jury trial. [Appleinsider]

Source: Iphones RU

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