LG Innotek, a division of the South Korean company specializing in the development of technological components, announced at CES in Las Vegas new camera module “with telephoto lens with optical zoom” which aims to address one of the main shortcomings of high-end and premium mobile phones: the loss of image quality when taking photos at high magnification.

According to LG, the so-called “optical zoom camera” uses a micro-component that mimics the zoom system built into professional cameras such as DSLRs or mirrorless cameras. This one in particular allows the lens to switch between the zoom range from 4x to 9x; something that will allow you to capture images without loss of resolution. The module also has a built-in optical image stabilizer, which is aimed at reducing the level of blur when taking photos or recording videos.

But is this really an important achievement, given that there are mobile phones that allow you to take pictures with a zoom of up to 100 times? What’s different about this LG module is that most of the telephoto lenses we see in mobile phones – usually high range models – are of the fixed type. Namely, allow only certain optical zoom (for example, 2x, 3x, 5x or 10x). The rest of the magnifications (2.5x, 5.5x) are just a combination between fixed telephoto and digital crop. Or in those who have a larger range (30x, 50x, 100x) exclusively digital zoom. This will inevitably affect the image quality.

On the other hand, LG’s “optical zoom camera” Allows you to select a wider optical zoom range (for example, 4.5x, 5.5x). What’s more, all this without sacrificing image quality, as no modification or digital cropping is required to achieve this range. This, according to the company, can also help improve battery life. On the other hand, this component is significantly smaller than other sensors. Thus, it allows you to reduce the size of the lenses on the back of the phone.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen. 2 supports LG’s new camera sensor

Image: Ruben Chicharro.

LG, on the other hand, has partnered with Qualcomm to make its new camera module compatible with the company’s latest SoC, the Snapdragon 8 Gen. 2.

The South Korean firm says it is working with an American chipmaker to “optimize software for continuous optical zoom” on the specified processor. And therefore “improve the image setting for the optics. That is, they allow the system to automatically adjust parameters such as focus, exposure, white balance, shadow correction, and others.

However, it is not clear which smartphones may include this new LG-designed camera module. Given that it will be optimized for the second generation Snapdragon 8, It is likely that we will see it in those high-end mobile phones that will be announced during the next year. However, this component will be publicly presented next January at CES in Las Vegas.

Source: Hiper Textual

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