Despite the rate fluctuations, AliExpress continues to delight with discounts – everyone will find something of their own with adequate delivery times.

Drop in and pay attention, and don’t affect our interests Telegram channel: here, as always, the hottest offers of the best sellers are published. Which will be useful to everyone.

1. Christmas ball Beverage shop


Transparent Christmas tree balls with a screw-on lid will be appreciated by guests in the morning if you collect their complex mixture (guests and balls, of course).

Now you know exactly what to do.

Price: 91 69 rub.

2. Ulanzi universal flash


Universal (for cameras and smartphones) RGB flash with remote control and rich settings.

It can be used in a roller zone lighting or organizing other types of light art.

Price: 4264 2345 rub.

3. Poso urban backpack


Comfortable backpack with a laptop compartment with a full set and a similar compartment for clothes.

Not afraid of water, resistant to abrasion, equipped with all secret pockets. Quality checked.

Price: 3890 2528 rub.

4. EUDAX Electricity Study Kit


A rich set for conducting school experiments on electricity.

Unlike the more common ones, it contains more primary and hard-to-reach components that facilitate the perception of the material.

Price: 3806 1865 rub.

5. AZDOME car recorder


A simple, lightweight FullHD recorder with high recording quality, voice control and video streaming to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Price: 10583 3704 rub.

6. MiJobs Leather Case for AirPods


Nice case in the style of a basketball. For fans, it’s perfect. And the quality is excellent.

Price: 533 379 rub.

7. Redmi Wireless Headphones


Affordable wireless headphones are among those that really cost money.

Updated version with new Bluetooth and improved sound.

Price: 2103 1001 rub.

8. WooYi Mini PC


An ultra-compact full-fledged computer for those who want to carry everything with them.

Great for remote client deployments and office workspaces: 4-core Intel Atom, 4GB or 8GB of RAM provide a seamless experience even with Office files.

Price: 10085 7765 rub.

9. Bluetooth speaker Zealot


The original speaker, which the seller recommends as a portable karaoke.

Even a microphone set. Moreover, there is also colored music on board – a ready-made holiday!

Price: 5633 2647 rub.

10. Xiaomi compact thermos


Tiny safe thermal mug with a medical steel flask and heat-proof plastic inside on the outside.

A quality option that easily withstands temperatures up to 4-6 hours, even with sudden changes.

Price: 1065 905 rub.

11. Baseus GaN charger


The most affordable laptop charger with Power Delivery up to 65W.

Take a couple at once, very good ones – they don’t buzz, they don’t overheat, they work with everyone in the world.

Price: 5465 2241 rub.

12. Deerma clothes trimmer


Manufacturer of an apparatus for removing pilling from knitted and woolen fabrics.

Works great – things are really updated almost anew, the knives are sharp and in the vicinity for a very long time.

Price: 1855 1299 rub.

13. Mornwell portable irrigator


Powerful system for extra oral hygiene with battery. The price is affordable, the quality is good.

Price: 3640 2329 rub.

14. Baseus laptop stand


The famous brand aluminum stand is suitable for even the heaviest gaming devices. And it can also be attached permanently to carry with you without removing it.

Price: 1660 680 rub.

15. Constructor Shop Avatar


A unique set of your own ideas for the future made from LEGO-compatible blocks. The best gift for fans for the upcoming premiere.

Price: 3036 2429 rub.

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