Yandex added a 3D model of its new Moscow headquarters to the web version of Yandex.Maps. The model shows what the company’s finished office will look like in 2024, when construction is complete.

Yandex showed a 3D model of its new headquarters on Maps

  • The new address of “Yandex” – Academician Zeldovich, house 1. The office will be the first and for some time the only building on this street.
  • In a nearby grove of trees, the company is going to equip a mini-park with paths, benches and lighting, and the ground floor of the headquarters and its surroundings will be open to all. Any visitor will be able to enter the office, walk through it, and exit the other side. Inside, on the second floor, there will be a restaurant and a food hall, where you can also go.
  • From the side of Anuchin street, where there are residential buildings, the building will be 12-storey, and from the side of Kosygin street – 15-storey. Inside, three areas were arranged: underground, public and office.
  • The new office will include an employee sports complex with a 25-meter pool, exercise equipment, a large gym for sports games, and smaller rooms for yoga, dance and other activities.
  • The upper floors of the venue will be surrounded by an open terrace overlooking Moscow.


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Source: RB

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