General Director of the manufacturer of computers, laptops and monitors ICL Evgeny Stepanov letter to the Ministry of Digital Development, which offers proposals for supporting Russian electronics manufacturers.

Among them is a complete ban on the choice of imported equipment Dell, HP, HPE, Acer, MSI, Inspur, Asus, Lenovo and Fujitsu. According to Stepanov, this will help “free up the market of Russian companies that have refused to work in Russia, and increase the share of Russian computer technology to 50%.”

First of all, we are talking about computers, monoblocks and laptops, the export source of Kommersant.

Also, the head of ICL proposed to introduce a recycling fee of 20% of the cost of imported computer equipment. In addition, you can get soft loans to distributors for the purchase of domestic consumer equipment and use 20% cashback for those who buy it.

According to Kommersant, Russian manufacturers and retailers “conceptually” adhered to many of ICL’s proposals. However, it did not agree to a ban on selective imports.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade does not exclude the possibility of exclusion of a foreign brand due to potential imports. The Ministry of Digital Development clarifies that an increase in demand for Russian equipment must be achieved “through competitive elections, and not by banning imports.” [Forbes]

Source: Iphones RU

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