SAMSUNG is already launching the long-awaited series Galaxy S23. The company’s flagship lineup will include the multi-purpose compact S23. S23Plus and premium model S23 Ultra. As usual, we have some leaks that reveal basically everything we can expect from these phones, with a smartphone highly acclaimed by the public.

Although it is almost a month away from the launch of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S23 series, leaks confirming all the rumors in recent months continue to come. This time around, the leak addresses the potential performance of the new series. As far as it suggests, the S23 series will boast incredible performance improvements. Snapgradon 8 Generation 2.

These are the Galaxy S23 enhancements that Samsung recommends.

Samsung Galaxy S23 will be a horror: here's what we know!

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Ahmed Qwaider announced the performance data of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series on social media. It looks like the new smartphone series will have much higher performance than the previous family (S22), one of the biggest mobile phones of this year. The expected increase in performance revolves around the following figures:

  • 36% CPU performance increase
  • 48% GPU improvement
  • 60% NPU improvement

CPU and GPU performance jump means: Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will be able to better manage resource-intensive applications. This includes games, editing apps, and many other similar tools. On the other hand, the 60% increase in NPU means smartphones will be more efficient at managing AI tasks. In short, the company has decided to take the Exynos out of the range. Samsung’s high-end users will no longer have to deal with shoddy chips.

Chip cooling will also be very important

TSMC created the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip for the Samsung Galaxy using the 4nm N4P manufacturing process. And it seems The company greatly improved the cooling solution of the chip. This can ultimately lead to much more stable performance. Not to mention the efficiency and battery life, in which case a huge increase can be seen. We’ll have to wait to find out in the coming months.

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