If you’ve taken to social media this week, you’ve probably come across a few memes aboutJefferson Trucks“, “Search Chico Sausage” plus videos of a girl using the terms above, right?

The subject has taken over the internet and has even attracted the attention of famous influencers like Felipe Neto. But in the end Where did the whole story of “Sometimes Chico Linguiça” come from??

It all started with content creator Kinechan’s videos. The influencer, who has close to 500 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 2 million followers on TikTok, is known for publishing content for the audience that consumes anime.

In some lifetimes, the influencer repeats the words users want in the comments using the voiceovers of anime characters and “trejects”. in exchange for a cash contribution. Some of these words were “Daniel do Gas”, “Chico Linguiça” and “Jeferson Caminhões”. “Search” is a Japanese expression used to express surprise at something.

@kinechanmaistriste #fy #fyp #trend ? original sound – Kine


The videos, of course, quickly became a joke on the Internet. “I hate to even imagine how much money Kinechan makes. now womaniser because what I nn I came up with the idea to go live by saying ohayo jefferson trucks (sic),” joked one user on Twitter.

Check out the memes:

In addition to the videos that bring memories to life, the content creator also shared a newly purchased Mitsubishi Lancer car on social networks. In the caption, he took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support.

@kinechanmaistriste #fy #fyp #viral ? original sound – Kine

Source: Tec Mundo

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