It is unlikely that a patina can be durable? About this most fantastic story, such is the idea of ​​the spider Joro, published in North America by Japan. They are feared, although they are not as aggressive as they are great. One hardened user, living in the state of Georgia, once saw s s s p p p p p sed. Moreover, she took away his prey from the owner of the network.

bird cardinalbird cardinal

The first time I decided that she was just confused and could not get out. When he looked closely, he realized that for the cardinal this way of eating is quite familiar. When the spider turned into a pack of cigarettes, it had to return to start a poultry feast. After NES how many minutes, the lover of other people’s dinners flew away, leaving the web and its creator unharmed.

Spider Yoro

Some photos of the meal are real They are believed to withstand a dose of 68 grams without any problems, which seems unlikely – but it true.

Source: Tech Cult

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