32-hour battery and great sound: these headphones for 27 euros are my downfall

For very little money you have another alternative to AirPods with more autonomy.

With a design similar to AirPods Pro, these headphones from Anker are gorgeous.

If you’re looking for a new wireless headset to be able to do this listen to your music, make calls and even watch movies I bring you a great shopping idea on your mobile phone or smart TV. Anker is a manufacturer of audio products such as speakers and headphones. For several years they have been among the best in this segment and with their prices very cheap.

They lowered the prices today Anker Life P2 Mini, small size headphones with very high performance. In their own version they cost only 27 euros. black color (the rest of the colors are 31.99 euros) and the original price was 39.99 euros. Therefore, the offer is 32% savings for the price of these great headphones.

Anker Life P2 Mini

Buy good headphones for only 27 euros

Anker Life P2 Mini earphones

With 32 hours of autonomy, you will be able to use it for several days without worry.

These Anker headphones have some features. 10mm drivers integrated, which achieves a much more natural and realistic sound than others with smaller transducers. Note that AirPods 3 drivers are 11mm. We can edit it from the Anker app and select the syncs we want The setting of listening to classical music at any time and the setting of watching TV series are not the same.

They 32 hours battery divided as follows: 8 hours of earphone and case alone, 3 more full charges total (24 hours more battery life), The case is charged as follows: USB-C port back. Have fast chargingWith only 10 minutes left in the case, the earphones will gain an extra hour of autonomy. thanks to technology Bluetooth 5.2 consumption is minimal.

They can be your main earpiece or they can be valuable replacements for your AirPods.

thank you two integrated microphones on each earpiece, we will have a great voice on calls. They eliminate the external noise surrounding you and naturally capture your voice and transmit it to your interlocutor in detail. In addition, the built-in AI algorithm, great job at this job. And to isolate something else, our rubber tips (available in various sizes) eliminate a greater amount of outside noise.

palpable, where you can control the playback of songs, answer calls, change the equalizer or activate the on-duty voice assistant. they are very light they weigh only 4.4 grams each, you won’t even notice you’re wearing them. If you wish, you can just use a headphone in mono modejust leave one in the box and close it, the other will work 100%.

Anker Life P2 Mini

Pair with any system easily and quicklybe it an iPhone, an Android mobile phone, any tablet or a smart TV or console. Latency is minimal so you can play on your mobile or watch a movie on TV. You won’t notice the delay.

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