The Moscow Stock Exchange reported on the results of 2022. Last year, the total volume of operations increased by 4.6% year-on-year and amounted to a maximum of 1.1 quadrillion rubles.

The annual trading volume on the Moscow Stock Exchange amounted to a record 1.1 quadrillion rubles.

As indicated on the organization’s website, this figure is the highest in the history of trade. The grain and sugar market showed the best dynamics, where the trade volume grew 4.9 times, amounting to 71.1 billion rubles against 14.6 billion rubles in 2021. The average daily trade volume increased to 280 .9 million rubles (57.1 million rubles in 2021).

Trading volume in the money market also increased notably, by 41.2%. It amounted to a record 672.7 trillion rubles, while a year earlier this figure was 476.4 trillion rubles. The average daily volume of transactions amounted to 2.659 billion rubles.

At the same time, the Moscow Stock Exchange index fell by 43.1% compared to 2021, from 3,787.3 to 2,154 points. The RTS Dollar Index fell 39.18%, from 1,595.76 to 970.6 points.

Trading volume in most key markets also declined markedly in 2022:

  • Shares, certificates of deposit and participations: 17.6 trillion rubles instead of 30 trillion rubles in 2021. The average daily trading volume is 69.5 billion rubles (117.6 billion rubles in 2021).
  • Captivity: 19.6 trillion rubles (22.4 trillion rubles). The average daily volume is 77.6 billion rubles (88 billion rubles).
  • Derivatives market: 77.9 trillion rubles (158.5 trillion rubles). The average daily volume of transactions is 307.8 billion rubles (621.7 billion rubles).
  • Forex Market: 267.8 trillion rubles (322 trillion rubles). The average daily trading volume is 1,058.6 billion rubles (1,262.9 billion rubles).
  • Precious metals: 122.8 billion rubles (209.2 billion rubles). 118.7 billion rubles in gold were traded, 4.1 billion in silver.

At the end of December, the Moscow Stock Exchange announced that in 2023 it would launch trading in the currencies of Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The decision is due to the fact that these countries are “Russia’s main foreign trade partners.”

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