Certainly on more than one occasion Found someone in a WhatsApp group? or in a direct chat that doesn’t fit your style. As time goes on, if the person you need to communicate with is yes or no, in the end it’s always blocking idea to have nothing to do with it. Work is being done to make doing this as simple as the way to get it right now.

Currently it’s possible to do this in WhatsApp, but the steps to take are a little more complicated than absolutely necessary. You have to access the profile and navigate some menus until you find the function that allows you to block that person. And the truth is, there weren’t a few people who complained. have a much simpler and more convenient option when performing this action, can be very helpful in some situations. Fortunately, the company seems to have noticed this.

So you can block someone on WhatsApp in a short time

Well, the idea you have for the messaging app owned by Meta, as seen in the latest test version for Android, is to introduce a new option. Among the possibilities that exist in the chat (individual or group) where a user is specifically requested and prevented from being directly selected. This saves quite a bit of time in case you want to do this with someone.

New option to block users on WhatsApp


Frankly, the fact that WhatsApp is completely different is not a very relevant function. However, it is one of the options that allows you to improve the user experience of the application, because It improves one of the existing functions in a very important way.. And the truth is, blocking people is an underused thing because you don’t have to keep in touch with people you don’t want to know about you (as is done on social media). networks). Unfortunately, it seems that it will not be possible to block several people at once.

For now, this is a test

This is something that needs to be clarified, because that’s the way WhatsApp has worked for a long time: set a trial period for news and if all goes well, it’s official. Additionally, the new option for iOS should also arrive, something that is not available at the moment. But, yes, since it’s something that doesn’t change the way the app works internally, in a month all this is available to all users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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