twitter takes steps to create a “For You” tab-like experience similar to the one it offers TikTok. Having had a tumultuous year, the social media app is, to put it mildly, replacing default user feeds with two new tabs.

The big change that Twitter will bring soon

Until now, Twitter allowed users to switch between an algorithmic timeline and an inverse timeline. Now, the feed will be divided into two tabs: “For you” and “Following”. According to The Verge, when you first open the app, you’ll first see the “For You” tab. This means that trending topics and recommendations will create the new Twitter homepage, a format shared by TikTok.

Twitter steals one of TikTok's most famous aspects

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It’s not the first time a rival social media app, including Twitter, has copied TikTok’s features. What remains to be seen is how users will respond to this particular change and to what extent it will affect their experience in the app. social media analyst matte navarra He shared a screenshot of the update, writing that the app is a crappy version of TikTok. For tastes, for colors.

Revolution doesn’t stop in the “Age of Musk”

Elon MuskThe controversial owner of Twitter tweeted about the change along with other updates, stressing that it was “part of a much larger UI overhaul”.

Tabs are rolling out to iOS first. The legacy feed as we know it is still available on Android and the web. Twitter is going through a ton of changes in the next year, and it’s possible that these won’t lead to an improvement. There are always alternatives to the once beloved little bird app, if needed.

It remains to be seen how all these changes will affect the user experience and whether some will decide to leave Twitter and replace it definitively with other social networks like the aforementioned TikTok. The war of the RR.SS. at the top.

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