since a while ago Windows 7 was a hopeless operating system. This development, which gave such good results to the Redmond company, stopped receiving new features and new security patches came only for supporters. Well, today the latter also remained without the umbrella of the North American company. But it is interesting that it is known. unexpected surprise.

It was about a new feature that many people wanted when Windows 7 was still alive, but never came – and this was considered almost frustrating for some. we are talking about Inclusion of Secure Boot tool for UEFI in Microsoft software. It’s quite surprising, and it makes you much calmer when working with the operating system. The truth is, the ways of technology are almost incomprehensible in most cases. Regardless, now this option is part of the development.

A surprise that came to Windows 7 a few weeks ago

According to the data cited by the information source, it is very clear that the function we mentioned earlier is now separate from the operating system. And therefore, it can be used regularly within the company’s work. And this has been the case since an update (KB5017361) released a few weeks ago. This development, about which absolutely nothing is said. This move that is curious, the truth is, especially considering that if the operation is not good after that, there will be no fix.

Using UEFI on a Windows 7 computer


What’s gained with the advent of Secure Boot for UEFI, if enabled in WindowsIt is not possible to execute anything that does not have the corresponding signature or certificate., thus avoiding problems due to the use of questionable third-party applications. A significant qualitative leap that could not be more strange than the end of support for the operating system we are talking about.

end of an era

This means that there is no longer support for Windows 7 (or version 8.1). The development we are talking about was a very important qualitative leap for Microsoft, which meant: the stone on which the currently existing versions are based. As such, it was the beginning of the good work of the Redmond firm, and as such, there are many who have a special affection for him. Now this product is being ignored – the passage of time is unforgiving – and those who want to continue using the software already know what it is… and can only resort to third-party improvements, yes, it is unknown if they are reliable enough.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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