One in four Russians named allowances, pensions and payments from the state as the main source of income. About half of Russian citizens live on wages, on business income – only 2.4%, according to population census data, which involved 128.6 million people.

31 million Russians named benefits and pensions as the main source of income

RBC provides extracts of the results of the Russian population census conducted in 2021 with reference to Rosstat data.

128.6 million people participated in the census. 33% of them said that State benefits, pensions and social benefits are their source of income. For 31 million respondents, these payments are the main source of income.

The vast majority of census respondents live on wages: 45% listed wages as their main source of income. Only 2.4% of the population of Russia earns money by doing business and, in particular, by being self-employed. About 2 million people live off the proceeds from the sale of goods they have produced for their own use.

More than 90% of census respondents admitted that they only have one source of income.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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