newsletters or newsletters fashionable. The tool is as old as it is Email the address and what has been consigned to oblivion by offerings such as blogs, social media or podcasts are again at the foot of the canyon. And the thing is, we all need a bit of order before we content saturation that we encounter daily on the Internet. Solution, read newsletters or newsletters that summarize us most important or current moment.

Like podcasts, newsletters survived the explosion that led to thousands of offers from everywhere. From facesmedia, universal, themesinformation, recommended readings, opinion… Newsletters are not what they used to be. Just a promotional tool. Now they are useful and allow you to be aware of topics that interest you. avoid noise and information overload.

Next, we give you some recommendations in the form of mobile applications that will help you deal with newsletters to which you are subscribed. A way to organize and read newsletters from the convenience of your tablet or mobile phone. And don’t forget that in hypertext we also have our own daily newsletter.


With such a simple name, we start this collection of applications for read newsletters and newsletters from a specific app instead of going to your mailbox. This offer Newsletters, available for iOS, iPadOS and Android. And its purpose is to order your newsletters so that you can read them without fear of cluttering your mail.

Among its main features, it allows you to see incoming and Subscriptions separately filter out mailing lists or messages that you do not want to receive, makes reading easier links that include newsletters and even recommends more newsletters in case you are missing what you are already subscribed to.

Default, Newsletters for free. But if you are looking for more features, for an annual subscription you will have support at your disposal. news feed and opportunity unsubscribe newsletters by clicking the button.


Available on the web and for now exclusively for iOS. stupid is a practical app for reading newsletters and newsletters on iPhone and iPad. From your email account gmailYou can make a list newsletters that you can follow daily and organize by category. Fast and hassle free.

From there, reading is very convenient. You can read all the newsletters, filter by topic or frequencypause and renew subscriptions and in short, enjoy the newsletters No distractions. Also, reading the newsletters allows you to switch from one to the other without realizing it, just slipping your finger up.

Stoop is very useful for finding and reading newsletters.


With a minimalist touch, but with very careful graphics, Slouch wants to be your header app for read the news without overloading yourself information. And, as stated on its own website, it mimics the visual style of podcast apps. Otherwise, it is available for iOS and Android.

For starters, you can open new newsletters if you don’t know where to start. There are themes and categories for every taste. From there, you can subscribe to the ones you want. And when you’re bored unsubscribe Immediately. You can too postpone readingshare interesting content and enjoy what the newsletters have to offer from your tablet or mobile phone.

Slouch It’s free, but it has a more complete paid version. For an annual subscription, you will be entitled to night modefolders for better organization of mailing lists, integration with Pocket and Instagram and remove ads.


If you like minimalismyou will find in dexterous a good ally to read newsletters or newsletters in an app that offers the bare minimum. Inbox, where you’ll see newsletters as they’re posted, your own newsletter recommenderpossibility unsubscribe with button theme night read in the dark and a newsletter manager to keep focus in the face of such a large subscription.

For the future, dexterous It promises new features such as statistics, featured newsletter lists and archives, customizable folders, etc. Meanwhile, you can try this app for iOS, iPadOS, and Android.

substack reader

Substack platform that serves to publish and arrange newsletters and newsletters, free or paid, has its own reading app. That is, with substack reader you can manage your subscriptions and mailings this platform. It is free and has versions for iOS, iPadOS and Android.

It mainly serves to search for newsletters according to your tastes and preferences, manage newsletters to your mailbox and receive notifications when new newsletters are published from your subscription list. Otherwise, the tool integrates newsletters and podcasts platforms and allows split the pieces or archive them.

Source: Hiper Textual

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