THEM OpenAIIt is close to being responsible for the ChatGPT tool, which has gained great importance in recent days. One of the most valuable startups in the United States. as reported by The Wall Street Gazette Thursday (5), the company is negotiating the sale of US$300 million of shares to the Thrive Capital and Founders Fund.

If this process is completed, OpenAI’s market cap may exceed $29 billion, equivalent to approximately R$151.9 billion at the day’s quotes. If the amount represents more than twice the current value of the company, Founded by Elon Musk in 2015 – The CEO of Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX is no longer part of the startup’s board of directors.

According to the newspaper, the possible increase in the valuation of the developer of artificial intelligence solutions will allow it to enter the market. Top 7 of the most valuable startups in the US market. In a previous offering, the brand was valued at approximately US$14 billion (R$73.3 billion).

He is also known for creating DALL-E, software that generates images from text descriptionsOpenAI did not comment on the sale of shares, which could increase its valuation. According to the publication, the business involves the sale of employee papers.

Partnership with Microsoft

Amid progress made to increase new investment, the startup recently signed another deal with Microsoft. Windows owner’s idea is to include ChatGPT with Bing. improvements such as more conversational and contextual responses for those who use the search engine.

With this addition to the search engine, which has not been finalized yet, the Redmond giant, one of the former partners of OpenAI, wants to increase its presence in the market completely dominated by Google with a share of 83%, while Bing also wants to increase its presence in the market. 9%

Source: Tec Mundo

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