Nutraceuticals lecturer at Newcastle University, Emma Beckett, recommended pasta with vegetables, a nutritious food for those who are into energy consumption. It requires that international sciences rule out the absolute significance of the biological characteristics of a person, including measurements in calories, as well as the obligatory sources of origin of this energy. According to the formula adopted in Australia, the proportions are as follows: 45-65% from cholesterol, 20-35% from fats and 10-30% from proteins.

In a commercial serving of pasta, noodles or other special PASITY This gives a ratio to protein of 5:1, which is very close to the recommended by scientists. The lack of fat is easily compensated by adding ordinary butter, which is most likely a sauce for pasta – beznieko.

Eating empty pasta is not recommended, you need either a sauce, or they themselves should be a side dish for something else, in which other useful substances are found. Pasta can cover the human body’s need for energy, but they contain less than a quarter of the necessary vitamins, selenium is only half of the daily norm, iron and 10% are available. Bago, overweight protection.

Source: Tech Cult

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