In the first episode Last of usnew HBO series, a tragedy that will devastate the world It doesn’t seem inevitable. His opening sequence is essentially an exploration of the risk that something like this could happen years before. An intro that is not in the video game, but which nonetheless allows the story to thicken and creates a solid foundation for the story to develop.

The scene is really surprising in its simplicity. A few experts are digging into television about infections and diseases that threaten the world no one fully realized its significance. They do this in front of an attentive public, which, however, does not seem to be very convinced of their words. One in particular delves into mushrooms and mentions, among other things, cordyceps.

The script by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann turns this conversation into an unintentional prediction. Speculation about death and desolation, which would later become a real scenario, at times seems harmless. But the plot slowly builds tension. “What awaits us in a few years?” says a scientist in a television study decades before total catastrophe. “Perhaps unimaginable.”

Journey through darkness Last of us

When Last of us fast forward a few decades into the future, the expert’s words seem almost forgotten. On September 26, 2003, Sarah Miller (Nico Parker) will tour the city of Austin like she does every day of her life. The production emphasizes the everydayness of everything the character does during the day, once again going beyond the video game. Only this time it will be the last time I do each of these things. The world as you know it is about to collapse.

Perhaps one of the most recognizable elements of the HBO series is its all-out pessimism, similar to genre classics like Walking corpses. There is no possibility of salvation, and the premise is clear in the first section of the chapter. fungus attack cordyceps it turns people into mere residual beings. Unrecognizable in the rapid process of turning into cannibal monsters. But history does not allow this horror to be the only axis of its history.

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In fact, it also points to dehumanization caused by violence, which slowly increases and eventually becomes full. The city at night, full of explosions, screams and inexplicable seizures of people, is a nightmarish landscape. Something that transcends any precaution or understanding and plunges the survivors into primal fear.

An adaptation that takes the best from the game

Just like the game of the same name, the adaptation explains its rules quickly and clearly. Everything that happens will be told by witnesses and passages. Through Sarah, frightened and confused. From his father Joel (Pedro Pascal), who has to face the unimaginable; just like his brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna). The little family tries to escape, not knowing what they are doing.. He rides through gunshots, screams of pain, and chasing neighbors who are showing disgusting signs of infection.

History Last of us uses visually intricate scenes and a constant sense of the vulnerability of his heroes to reinforce the terror. The world is collapsing due to an unknown threat acting with deadly precision.

With amazing skill the plot avoids the platitudes and clichés of destruction based dramas to ask other questions. How to escape into the unknown? At what point does the world collapse? For Joel, it will be an absurd tragedy in the middle of the night of an outbreak.

The premise of the famous game Naughty Dog becomes a weighty and powerful argument. At the same time in intelligence about desolation and loss. All in a set of small details that make the first episode Last of usmay be, one of the best pilots in television history.

time passes Last of us

Twenty years after the last night of the world, Joel (Pedro Pascal) knew it was just an old memory. At this point, he’s just a man with a broken past, shaken and traumatized, getting through the day.

The action shifts to Boston, turned into a fortified enclave protected by a basic and totalitarian regime. The story goes through overgrown squares, executions with a medieval touch, buildings that collapse in the open, and so on.

The most interesting in Last of us it’s that he doesn’t show his monsters or use violence as the basis of his main scenes. Just as the script was discreet about the fall of a civilization, now it’s about its ruins. He describes them through Joel, who wanders aimlessly around the ghost town.

The wreckage of a dead world

AT Last of us, a dystopia cold, decrepit and hopeless. Ellie (Bella Ramsey) grew up in this landscape, so young to know nothing but a world in ashes. The essential difference between the characters lies precisely in how they see reality. A teenager can look to the future, even the worst possible, because this is the time in which he was born. Joel can’t stop remembering the one he went through and what he lost in it.

Last of us

The meeting between them—random and with the appearance of an insignificant event—marks a change in tone for Last of us. Occurs after the subtle introduction of the Fireflies, and also parallels concern for Tommy’s well-being.

As in the game, from now on, Joel will have to deal with his memories, grief and suffering. Achieving this is the key to protecting Ellie, which is not only an opportunity for redemption, but also a turning point in history. Could his immunity be a chance for a fresh start?

First chapter Last of us it ends with a brilliant perception of grief and despair. Joel must overcome the turning point of his emotional devastation in order to protect the then-unknown girl. The one that inevitably reminds you of everything that the infection has taken from you.

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For her part, Ellie is beginning to understand the debacle she grew up with. And he will be aware of the possibility that life is more than flight and fear. There is an opportunity in the script to make Ramsey’s character a symbol of the future without being too optimistic. As the journey of both protagonists begins, something becomes clear: in the midst of the darkness, there is a faint thread of light. One that will keep the plot going in its next painful chapters.

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