The structure of Rostelecom established the company Tdata. It will develop technologies for data storage and processing. Consulting companies use similar developments from SAP and Oracle, which left Russia.

Rostelecom established a company for the development of data processing tools “Tdata”

Among Rostelecom’s clients is the former Russian division of the international Accenture, and the platform’s services are used by operator-controlled Tele2, writes Kommersant.

The creation of a separate company will help attract new customers, experts say, but they did not rule out that Rostelecom may also need it to sell the business.

In addition, the isolation of the business may increase interest in the development of non-Rostelecom operators. TelecomDaily director Denis Kuskov believes the structure can become a single entry point for both external customers and the company’s internal needs.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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