view It has many fan bases thanks to the multiple products it has in its portfolio. There are users who follow the company only on the line. iphone anyone ipad. Some users are there for the Apple Watch and other wearables. But there is a large portion of users who constantly follow Apple for its line. Match. Ultimately, it is this family that started it all.

In recent years, Apple has released many interesting products. We’ve seen the brand’s first ARM-based silicones hit the market. Apple Studio completely new. However, the company hasn’t shown much love to the part of the fans who want the best gear possible, which often comes below the line. apple mac pro.

The latest news about Apple’s Mac Pro

According to MacWorld, the company will sell fewer than 1,000 Mac Pro models by 2022. Maybe it’s because older 2019 models aren’t as attractive compared to newer ARM-based Mac computers. Apple updated the Mac Pro lineup in 2006, 2013, and 2019. Now fans are eagerly awaiting a new model, albeit at an incredibly high price. The Mac Pro lineup has the best possible hardware Apple has to offer. In these days of Apple’s M-series, we wonder what’s in store for the brand.

Apple has some very bad news about the next Mac Pro

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Some rumors point to the launch of a new Mac Pro with Apple’s M-series. These rumors talk about a new chipset Apple M2 Extreme. But now it looks like this chipset will not come. At the moment, Apple M1 Ultra It was the highest bid of the first generation. This chipset featured a 20-core CPU and a 60-core GPU. Rumors were pointing to the launch of an Apple Mac Pro with the M2 Extreme CPU containing 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores. Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman says this is no longer happening.

What do we know about this new Mac Pro?

Apple canceled the Apple M2 Extreme platform to work with an improved Ultra processor. Gürman also states that the new Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip has a 24-core CPU and a 76-core GPU. Slightly above Mac Studio, is Pro enough? The new computer will have the same slots for storage, graphics, multimedia and network cards. Users will not be able to expand the RAM of the new model.

Don’t expect a design revolution, but the brand could make subtle changes to the look to set it apart from the 2019 model. In fact, Apple is aware of the lack of innovation in the performance department. Therefore, it aims to attract Mac fans with its design. We expect more details to emerge over time, but considering Gürman’s report… Apple fans will be disappointed with the next Mac Pro.

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