Many nuts 2022. In the world of technology, the most striking and noticeable breakthrough was steel neural networks. More precisely, their democratization. Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT have captured the trends – easily accessible to everyone, and sometimes even free, neural networks are changing the world and enabling everyone to quickly change what used to take hours and even years.

For example, the ChatGPT neural network allows you to get smart and high-quality answers on almost all topics. People are already using it as a “solver” for complex engineering problems, math problems, and even replacing them with Google.

Recently stumbled upon a new ChatGPT based application that uses neural network for creating playlists in Apple Music and Spotify. It launched in beta, but even so quickly, easily and unexpectedly, it picks up tracks.

Apple is eyeing the idea and, ideally, has added it to Apple Music multiple times. Because it’s very convenient.

The app is called PlaylistAI

SKAHAT PlaylistAI available for free in the App Store. The program was released in November 2022, but has only just begun to gain popularity.

It is very easy to use it. Opens, selects a streaming service – Apple Music or Spotify. Then enter a request in English and set the playlist parameters: the number of artist tracks, title and cover. After a couple of seconds, all observed neural networks.

Logical question: What is the use of PlaylistAI? Unlike some Siri or Alice, the neural network is able to select tracks for a very specific request. For example, you want to listen to one of the most important tracks on the world chart from 1990 to 2010. Or do you need music for “chill and relax”, but not necessarily vapor wave and not jazz. What about artists, wrong tracks are the most like albums metallica times Ride the Lightning?

The neural network solves all this and much more more accurately and much faster than, say, the voice assistant Siri or Alice. Alas, the program does not recognize requests in Russian.

I don’t use Spotify, so I can’t tell you if this program is well integrated into this streaming service. As for Apple Music, after the playlist is generated, all tracks (and the tracklist itself) are automatically added to your library.

At the moment, Apple Music does not have a function to automatically create a playlist based on your TOP tracks by the number of plays. But they promise to add it a little later.

The program works on the basis of the ChatGPT neural network, which uses track lists based on your sites. The developers claim that each such request costs him money. Therefore, this application is a conditional reason: after several of them, you are asked 199 rubles per month or 1490 rubles in year.

Since she makes the first requests and playlists for free, I see nothing wrong with downloading the program and trying it for yourself. It is a pity that there is nothing in Apple Music itself yet. This is definitely better than relying on recommendations or ready-made playlists in the service when you need something specific and don’t want to spend tens of minutes selecting suitable tracks in the search.

Source: Iphones RU

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