This file browser It has always been one of the most important tools. windows operating system. However, it is possible to access the contents of different storage devices to work with them. Curiously, it did not become one of the options that received significant improvements. But that has changed recently, and there will be more soon.

An example of what we have said is that Mr. Using tabs in Windows 11This meant a significant improvement in the usability of the function we are talking about, because it allows for regular operation in various streams. And the truth is, the acceptance of this new option by users has been great. But Microsoft doesn’t want to stop there and is already working on it. Newly added for File Explorer.

New options in Windows 11 File Explorer


What’s coming soon in Windows 11?

According to the published information, the idea they have at the Redmond company is as follows: increase data that the user can know at a glance And this can be vital to know much more precisely the activity being performed on the computer and even know if they are associated email conversations or related files they have. It’s the perfect step up for all things productivity.

As you can see in the picture before this paragraph, the way to implement this is very simple and effective at the same time. A new panel has been created showing the relevant information we’re discussing, and it’s surprisingly useful because the amount of information is huge and best of all this very accessible for use of the mouse pointer. The truth is that Microsoft clearly had the idea of ​​promoting the Windows 11 File Explorer.

Release of this new functionality to users

Well, since Windows 11 build 25276 it won’t be long before it’s an option for everyone, on the channel to develop them, already active this is new functionality. Also in the info source they mention that it’s even possible to enable it to be functional in the development we’re talking about. Therefore, work is more than channeled and within a month at the most Windows 11 File Explorer improvement could be a reality for everyone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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