Service-providing tech giants are in the process of modifying their product catalogs to adapt them to the present day. What is basically done offer users cheaper options, although for this they have to lose some services. And this is what it is now Testing Amazon with Prime.

The chosen place to know the impact of the new service is India and we are talking about a new subscription which is cheaper and for that to be viable. what is achieved with this is significantly reduced (but not dramatically). Also, the company founded by Jeff Bezos already has a name for its new service and the truth is they don’t want to try weird things: Amazon Prime Lite. The simpler and more intuitive, the impossible.

What Amazon does and doesn’t offer in this subscription

One of the important things to know is, free shipping is part of the new subscription, but inaccessible with it: the arrival of what is achieved in one day. Two minimum, which is nothing particularly serious because in general this is a longer than reasonable time to receive an item. Moreover Includes access to Prime Videobut with some limitations.

Amazon Prime logo without background


According to what is known, the catalog of the video platform, which is in competition with Netflix or Disney +, can be examined. only from Android and iOS clients (nothing from the web or even third party operating systems). Beside the resolution of the contents will in no case be 4K, it will be downgraded to HD. The truth is that this won’t exactly be a problem for most people… but you have to be clear that there are limitations.

On the other hand, the other options available on Amazon Prime as we now know it are simply inaccessible. An example Prime Music or Prime Reading (and the same thing happens in Gaming). But of course, you can’t ask for everything for less.

Price and possible arrival in other regions

Well, it costs 33% less than usual to access Amazon Prime Lite in India, so we’re talking 999 rupees (in return would remain at around 33 euros per year). A good option that more than one person who does not take advantage of all the products of the well-known online store can consider saving. Regarding distribution in other regions like Europe, we’ll have to wait and see if everything works out and the new subscription is of course designed for everyone.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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