iPhone 14 Pro owners have encountered a strange issue that caused white spots to appear on the steel frame. Related complaints can be found on MacRumors.

According to user VeronikaK, this is the third iPhone 14 Pro with a similar defect. Previously, spots were seen on the gold and purple iPhone 14 Pro, and now on black.

Outwardly, the spots are not very noticeable. They can be seen if they are located in the case. They look like marks from hands or a case, but they are neither.

All VeronikaK smartphones are bought from different stores, and all of them already need defects. VeronikaK returned the money for the first two iPhone 14 Pro, the black one has not yet been returned to the store. Where exactly the iPhones were bought is not specified.

Users noticed that this is just an unpleasant feature of the steel frame, which does not manifest itself in any way on the smartphone. Some have reported that a similar issue was on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Source: Iphones RU

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